Decorate With Target

Decorate With Target


Looking to do some updating in your home, but don’t want to break the bank?  I have the perfect solution…Target!  Now we all know that Target is the best for so many reasons, and here’s one more, the home department!  I’m not sure if you’ve noticed, but their selection of home brands has expanded in the past couple of years.  What was once a chair here or a table there, are now complete lines created by designers, bloggers etc.  No joke, you could pretty much design an entire home from the website alone!  Offering staple furniture pieces as well as accent pieces, it’s perfect for the person (like me) who is constantly tweeking their decor!  I know I’ve said this before, but you can achieve a completely new look in a room, just by changing accents, such as rugs, lighting, pillows, art, etc.  Other easy pieces to swap in and out, are chairs and accent tables.  I like to start out slow, with accessories, and then move on from there.  Remember updating instead of overhauling leaves you less guilty when you decide you want to change everything in 2 years!  The idea is to recreate the space, without spending a fortune.  It can be done, especially when you have Targét on your side!


Here are just SOME of the fabulous pieces they have to offer, and remember if you use your Red card, you save 5%!


The Inspirational Living Room


  1. T.V Console table 2.  Coffee table 3. Sofa  4. Arm chair  5. Drum table 6. Floor lamp  7. Rug  8. Wire decorative figurine 9. Books 10. Wall print



The Suite Retreat

1. Upholstered bed  2.  Rattan chair  3. Rattan bench  4. Striped bedding  5.  Glass table lamp  6.  Rug  7. Mirror  8.  Pillow  9.  Jack figurine  10. Night stand



Entertaining Al Fresco

1. Table  2.  Chair  3. Pillow  4. Rug  5. Towels  6. Plastic stemless wine glasses  7. Lantern  8.  Outdoor lights  9. Rattan bar cart  10. Grey concrete planter


Shop this look



Shop this look



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Shop this look

Coming soon…money saving decorating tips!

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