Tweezerman ILASHCOMB

Tweezerman ILASHCOMB

IMG_9440 2Hey everyone!  I’ve had some requests to pick my favorite products and showcase them on my blog.  So you asked for it, now here it is…Pearls Picks!  Pearls picks can be anything from a beauty or hair product, to a fashion accessory, shoe, or gadget.  Basically, if I find one thing that I absolutely adore, I will showcase the product with it’s very own post and review!

I’ve decided to start my picks off with Tweezerman ILASHCOMB, it is the most perfect eyelash comb one could ever want and it certainly came in handy for me last Friday night!  I used to use to the disposable mascara brushes that you get at the makeup counter to comb out my lashes after mascara.  They do the job ok, but I still couldn’t get the lash length and separation that I was desiring.  While reading one of the many publications that I subscribe to, I discovered the Tweezerman eye lash comb.  I’m telling you, this product is fabulous.  Works great for separating real and false lashes.  I actually used mine recently with false eyelashes and it worked beautifully to help make the falsies “at one” with my own lashes.  Tweezerman works best while your mascara is still wet, but can be used on dry mascara as well.  I will however attach a funny warning to go along with this product.  The teeth on the comb are pretty sharp.  I only know this because the day my Tweezerman arrived, my mom was over and she decided she wanted to be the first one to try out my fun, new product.  Before I handed them over, I told her to be careful and not to poke herself in the eye.  What does she do with the first stroke, poke herself in the eye of course!   Needless to say, she was ok and we had a little chuckle about it, but her eye was blinking for the rest of her visit.  So the moral of this story is be careful and make sure you use a mirror, as my mom did not!


So if you’re looking for long, perfectly separated lashes, I highly suggest the Tweezerman eye lash comb.  I promise you won’t be disappointed!


I dedicate Pearls Picks, to Karra!  This new segment is just for you, thanks for the suggestion…enjoy!!  Let me know if there is a product out there that you can’t live without, and I’ll be happy to check it out and share it on the blog!

Happy Friday!


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  1. Love the Pearls Picks!! Looking forward to more of them!! Xoxo

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