Styling Vegas Over 40

Styling Vegas Over 40


So the hubby and I are taking a weekend trip to Las Vegas…woohoo!  Haven’t been there in a few years, which means the last time I was there I was still in my thirties!  So presents the question, what does one wear to Vegas when she’s in her forties (early 40’s I might add)?  This may not seem like a big deal, but I have problems packing as it is, and now I need to make sure that I have a wardrobe that is fun and sexy, yet classy!  Ladies there comes a time, when we simply cannot wear the same clothes as a 20 or 30-year-old!  I know it sounds harsh, but sometimes the truth hurts. hehe

Now let’s get started!  For this trip, I have no major packing restrictions, except that I can only have one suitcase and one carry-on…easy!  So this is how I begin packing for any trip that requires multiple ensembles, and by ensembles I mean, the clothing, shoes, bag, and accessories.  First, I pull out “old faithful”, my rolling rack (think I’m due for a new one because mine looks drunk).  Next, I go to my closet and pull out any and every outfit that could be an option for my trip.  For this trip I pulled quite a few pairs of pants, 2 jumpsuits, 2 dresses, and a plethora of tops and jackets for layering pieces, as well as shoes, bags, and lots of accessories!

IMG_0804 2

As I start piecing together my looks, I eliminate certain pieces at the same time.  FYI, I have no intentions of bringing everything in the pic above.  First look, is my outfit for Saturday night, we’re doing dinner and then going to see Pitbull!  The perfect option is my black, low back, spaghetti strap jumpsuit!  I love this piece, because it’s business in the front and party in the back!  Jumpsuits are perfect because they can be fitted and sexy, but you don’t have to show a lot of skin.  I paired it with a gold metallic leather crop jacket to give me a little coverage for dinner, a cool choker, studded bag and some platform strappy sandals.  High heels are a Vegas must, but I try to bring my most comfortable heels, platforms make a fabulous Vegas shoe!

Remember to always pair your looks with great accessories, they really can take your wardrobe to the next level!

IMG_0749 2


For the next 2 looks, I’m focusing on ‘the dress’.  Ladies, here is my rule for women in their 40’s and dresses…if the dress is short, it must not be skin-tight!  If the dress is a little longer (closer to the knee), then it can be body-con.  Great body or not, my opinion is once you hit a certain age there are certain “style” rules that come into play.  I’m not saying you can’t look sexy, but let’s do it tastefully!  I’ve decided to bring 2 dresses with me to Vegas, the first is a long sleeve hot pink dress that is slightly fitted on top and looser on the bottom.  It shows off my curves without squeezing them.  My favorite detail on this dress are the pockets!  Love  a dress with pockets:)  Paired with some hot pink strappy’s, a vintage necklace, a rockstar bag…and you have Vegas!

IMG_0760 2


The second dress is one of my favorite LBD’s.  A dress like this is an absolute staple when going away, especially to Vegas!  Think about it this way, it’s black so it’s the perfect go to dress, you can pretty much style it with any jacket, shoe, bag, or accessory that you have with you.  A little black dress is always an option in my suitcase, and should be in your’s as well.  This one is perfect, because it comes just above the knee and is fitted with a little flare at the bottom.

IMG_0819 2


Another option for a night out in Vegas are my black skinny pants, a cute top and a jacket.  I swear by these black J Brand pants, they have become my going out, “go to”.  I love them, because I can wear them with a sexy top and layer with a jacket for a more put together look.  My usual accompaniment to these pants is a blazer, but for this trip I’m rolling with the trend and wearing an army green satin bomber.  The shirt underneath is a spaghetti strap body suit and I can’t forget my adorable zebra neck scar!

IMG_0816 2


My last Vegas in your 40″s look is styled with my “go to” dark denim jeans.  I love the wash on these jeans, because the color is slimming and they look dressier than lighter washes.  Thrown together with a sparkly tank, necklace, belt, and leather moto jacket and I have a comfy, cool, chic look!

IMG_0810 2


Here’s another great tip, this is an old stylist trick.  Back in the day, we used a Polaroid camera.  These days all you have to do is put your outfits together at home, then whip out your smart phone and snap some pics.  When your on your vacay, look back at the pics and there is your ensemble, already put together.

IMG_0753 2IMG_0763 2IMG_0818



Was that so bad?  It’s not like I told you that you had to wear mom jeans in Vegas:)

These looks are my example of what fabulous women in their 40’s should be wearing to Vegas.  So if you want to look sophisticated, but still hot, stick with garments that are made of good fabrics and make sure they fit properly, mix fitted clothing with loose, and accessorize like no one’s business!  A pair of Spanx can’t hurt either!

Conservative with a sexy mix is my motto!


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  1. Wonderful post!!! Love all your styling tips. Your dressing age appropriate advise on how to look classy and elegant makes so much sense. Thank u. Now win big and shop in Vegas!!!

  2. Supurb!!! You will look elequintly HOT & SASSY…
    All I have to say is ” Luck be a hubby every night”
    Have so much fun 💋

  3. Excellent advice and gorgeous photos!!

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