Rock The Braid For Spring

Rock The Braid For Spring


Before I show you some cool braids, I must introduce you to my good friend, stylist extraordinaire, and owner of Sophisticated Strut Salon here in the Chi, Sarah Borta.

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Sarah and I will be collaborating, to show you the newest and hottest styles and cuts for all types of hair.  From cool, sleek, street styles, to doing your hair before and after the gym. We’re doing it all, featuring the latest looks and trends that the hair world has to offer, as well as the best products on the market!  All of this wonderful hair knowledge will be part of my new blog segment…Mane Land!





Check out these cool twists on the traditional braid, they’re sure to make a statement this season!

3 Ways To Rock The Braid


Fishtail Pigtails


Hair by Sarah Borta

Start with a styling paste, Sarah loves the label.m mesh styling paste!

Part the hair in half, if you’re using hair extensions, add them in on the sides before making the pigtails.  I have plenty of hair, but we used a couple of blonde extensions to create extra thick braids and to add some dimension.

Next, use plastic rubber bands to secure the pigtails before braiding. Use plastic so that you can cut them off once the braids are finished.

Last, fishtail braid each pigtail.  Cut off the plastic rubber bands at the top of the braid for a loose, relaxed look.  Finish with label.m hairspray.


Side French

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Hair by Sarah Borta

Start off by using label.m mesh styling paste.

Make a deep side part.  Take the hair that you will not be braiding.  Lift and tease slightly and spray with label.m texturizing spray.

Next, french braid the other side of the hair back behind the ear.  Make sure to braid tight.  Once you get to the end of the braid, wrap 2 of the strands behind the middle section and fasten with rubber band.  This makes the hair look undone, but it is still secure.

Finish with label.m hairspray.


The Pompadour

IMG_0574 2

IMG_0573 2

Hair by Sarah Borta

Start with a volumizer! Sarah likes to use label.m texturizing volume spray. It has the benefits of a dry shampoo, combined with long-lasting capabilities of a root lifter.

Lightly tease hair temple to temple, back to the crown.

Smooth back with your fingers and twist slightly and pin near the top of the head

Start your french braid , but cross the strands under the middle rather than over. This will allow the braid to sit on the outside. Remember to keep your sections equal on both side and somewhat tight.

Finish and leave about 2-3 in at the end. You need to have enough hair left unbraided in order to pull and loosen your sections.

Start pulling out the braid starting at the top working back and forth between sides, giving it a butterfly wing effect. Be sure to keep them all uniform as you expand the braid.

Finally fasten with a small rubber band!


Stay tuned for more hair tutorials and videos with Sarah!  Check out her Facebook page to see more!


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  1. Love the braids so much! Just beautiful ladies.

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  3. Wow well done, beautiful styles on a gorgeous girl!

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