Refresh, Recreate, Restyle

Refresh, Recreate, Restyle

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I’ve said it many times, I love changing things up in my home!  I tend to get bored seeing the same things day in and day out, so when that happens, the restyling begins!  Recently I decided that I needed to redo my entryway table and the mantel in my family room.  I often look at my home as a set when I’m making changes.  I think my former job as a set stylist might have something to do with that!  So of course, when I’m looking to switch pieces out, I take a trip to my “prop room”.  This is an extra bedroom in the basement, that I have taken over and it now houses a variety of accent furniture pieces, vases, candle holders, rugs, art, etc. (promise, I’ll show you the prop room soon).  Anyway, while in the “prop room” I pull decor pieces that I haven’t used or seen in a while.  I love it, because it feels like everything is brand new!  When choosing pieces for my mantels and table tops, the height and scale are very important, the pieces must compliment each other in size.  I have this thing about balance too, every time I update a tabletop, balance is key.

First area I tackled, was the entry table in my foyer.

Entry Table

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I have a couple of challenges in this part of my home.  First, is that the table sits against wrought iron balustrades, there is no wall, so I can’t hang anything there.  Second, there is no outlet so lamps are out of the question.  This is where leaning of the art and mirror comes in.  I’ve decided to bring up a vintage mirror (a $5 goodwill find, mind you) and this cute little print I got at Target.  Those two pieces make up the first “layer”.  The second layer is my antique brass candelabra and a vase of fresh tulips on the other side.  See the balance?  The third layer usually fills the middle and are smaller pieces.  This would be the coffee table books and the piece of coral that I brought back from the Caribbean, I stuck it right on top of the books to complete tabletop.  It’s simple, but pretty, and it screams ME!  I just love the way it turned out! I even got a compliment on the change from my mom when she walked into the house.

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Now for the mantel

Family Room Mantel

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Styling the family room mantel always poses somewhat of a challenge, because the stone goes all the way up to the second floor.  Whatever I put on there has to be large, with some height.  Now I could have drilled into the stone and hung something, but I have this weird thing about drilling into stone, it seems too permanent and just isn’t worth it to me.  Anyway, the base piece I decided to use, came to me on loan from my mom (funny, like she’s a museum).  It is quite a large painting of a street in Paris, that was painted by my great Uncle Al.  The scale is great and I love the little pops of color.  I decided to place the painting right in the middle and use the ends of the mantel for my balance.  Found my turquoise, majolica looking vase in the prop room and threw in some pussy willow branches for height.  It took me awhile to figure out the other side, but after multiple trips to the basement I finally found it.  It actually happens to be one of my favorite antique pieces, my Santo.  Love him and love the fact that his coloring works perfectly with the other pieces.  Now for layer three, I wanted something small, rustic, and it needed to be some sort of object d´ art.  Nothing that a trip to Hobby Lobby couldn’t solve.  It was there that I found the three rustic silver balls, that was it, the mantel was complete!

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This post isn’t just to show you what I’m doing in my home, it also to show you what approach to take when restyling your own home.

Here’s a recap:

  • Always style in layers, start with the big stuff or the base and work from there.
  • Balance is key.  Your pieces do not have to be exactly the same size or scale, but there must be some sort of balance.
  • Mix old and new, cheap and expensive.  It works for styling an outfit and it also works when styling your home.
  • Fill your spaces with things that you absolutely adore.  I’ve found when I use pieces that I love, my creativity really blossoms and the outcome is that much better.
  • Don’t change too many things at one time.  Take it slow and really think about what you want your table top to look like.  I don’t know, things just turn out better when you take your time.

If you have style questions or comments for me, please feel free to comment on the blog or FaceBook.

Happy Styling!

Mother Denim
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  1. Love it! Love the colors of the art on the mantel.

  2. Love the fact that you have a prop room!!!! Both areas look great:)

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