Are you’re thinking of doing some light decorating this spring?  If so, then you must check out my favorite “face lift” for your walls, self adhesive, temporary wall paper!  Wallpaper is one of those design elements that you either love or hate.  I actually love the look of wallpaper, especially in a small space, such as a powder room or laundry room.  Using it for an accent wall is super cool too!  The problem mostRead More →

Whatever your plans may be for Valentine’s Day, I’ve put together 5 different Valentine looks that will have you falling in love, and under budget!  Your Welcome:)   Dinner And Cocktails In The City     Dress  2. Pink Clutch  3. Black Strappy Sandal  4. Drop Earring   Pencil skirt  2. T-shirt  3. Moto jacket  4. Pump  5. Clutch   Beer, Pizza, and a Movie Jeans  2. Floral blouse 3. Box clutch 4. Nude pump 5. Earrings  Read More →

This crazy project came to me on a whim, when I was trying to make my foyer, “love” filled for Valentine’s Day.  It all started when I needed a decor piece for my entry table.  For those who follow the blog and my Instagram regularly, you know that I’m always changing my foyer table.  It’s the first space you see when you walk into my house, so it needs to make a statement.  So backRead More →

It’s a daunting task, but it simply must be done.  The time has come to organize your bathroom.  By organizing, I mean throwing out makeup and products that are expired.  Cleaning out cabinets & drawers, and putting things in organizational bins and boxes.  I know it really doesn’t sound like fun, and the process is not meant to be, however, you will feel so good once you see how organized everything will look.  Imagine howRead More →

I told you I would expand on “cleaning the fridge” and here it is!  It’s time for clean eating, exercise, and creating a healthy lifestyle. First step, get rid of the foods that do absolutely nothing for you, for example, pastas (oh how I love you so), breads, cereals, sweets and other refined sugars, etc.  Replace those foods with things that will make you LOOK and FEEL good.  Some examples are, lean proteins (turkey, chicken,Read More →

Happy New Year everyone!  Of course since it is a new year, I must start off my first post of the year talking about goals and dreams for 2017!  I hate to use the word resolution, it just seems too demanding, so I’ve decided to use goals, to take the pressure off a bit.  Before I begin, let me start off by telling you that this post is not so much for the eyes, butRead More →

There is something festive about the puffed dome of Panettone bread.  And what’s better on a Holiday morning, than a delicious bread pudding made of Panettone?  Now, I’ve made them in the past and even posted one before, but this one is different because I used a Chocottone!  I came across Chocottone in an Italian grocery store, which is basically a Panettone made with milk chocolate instead of raisins and fruit.  I immediately knew thatRead More →

I just love designing my home for the Holidays!  Seeing my favorite decorations and ornaments that I haven’t laid eyes on for a year, always brings a smile to my face.  My collection is filled with both new and old decorations, some I’ve purchased myself, but there are many that have been given to me as gifts over the years.  I am not one who likes everything to look the same year after either, soRead More →

It seems like I’ve been searching for the perfect gifts for the past 3 weeks.  Big presents, little somethings, stocking stuffers, and hostess gifts.  It’s not always easy to shop for gifts and I don’t know about you, but I’m always looking for things that are fun and different.  So this year, on my shopping trips, I decided that if I came across something that was cool and would make a great gift, I wouldRead More →

Thank you to all those who participated and attended the 2016 – 4 Women By Women Event!  If you missed it, here is a peek at what this fabulous afternoon was all about! A fun day of shopping, supporting and empowering female owned businesses!  28 awesome vendors, who were both extremely talented and inspiring!  From fashion, beauty, health, wellness, each vendor contributed something unique to this event.  It was truly a day of positivity, love,Read More →