My Retro Bar Cart

My Retro Bar Cart

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So I mentioned that I stumbled across a fabulous find in my previous post and here it is!  A turquoise metal retro bar cart!  The moment I laid eyes on this piece, I knew it was meant to be, however, when I walked up to the vendor someone else was checkin it out.  So I patiently waited, pretending that I was looking at something else and wanted nothing to do with the cart. The moment they walked away (they were going to “think” about it), I snagged it!  See here’s the thing about flea markets, if you see something you love, you must buy it on the spot, because it won’t be there when you return!!  Best part is, she had it priced for $40 and I got her down to $30 (I’ve become a great flea market negotiator btw).  Totally worth it, especially once you see the multiple uses that this piece has!

So here is a pic of my cart all by its lonesome, it’s funky, cute, totally retro, functional, and I just can’t enough of the turquoise, luv!  It is by no means perfect, there are marks and scratches, but that’s just part of its character, this piece is from the 40’s after all!

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Here are just 3 great ways I can use this awesome cart!

Make your own favor candy bar.

I recently used my cart for my boy’s bday party!  Instead of pre-making the bags of candy, I displayed the candy on my cart and let each kid make their own party favor bag!

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Cocktail bar cart

Of course this is the most obvious use for “bar carts” these days, not totally original, but very functional.

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Magazine and coffee table book caddy

If you’ve been following me for a while, you already know that I am addicted to coffee table books.  I also subscribe to tons of magazines and get countless catalogs in the mail daily.  Now I have the perfect place to display them!  My little Venetian cello player doesn’t look half bad sitting on the cart either.

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Oh and I almost forgot the bonus feature of this fantastic piece…

It’s a serving tray too!!!

I’m hoping that the removable tray will encourage the men in my life to bring me breakfast in bed!!! Hehe

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Hope you enjoyed my retro bar cart!  I’m in LA this weekend, can’t wait to get back and post all of my fabulous fashion finds!  Stay tuned…

Happy Friday!


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  1. Very cute, Jess! I love the various uses you have illustrated here.

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