Creating A Love Collage

Creating A Love Collage

This crazy project came to me on a whim, when I was trying to make my foyer, “love” filled for Valentine’s Day.  It all started when I needed a decor piece for my entry table.  For those who follow the blog and my Instagram regularly, you know that I’m always changing my foyer table.  It’s the first space you see when you walk into my house, so it needs to make a statement.  So back to the piece I needed, well that was the problem, I had nothing!  Looked in  the prop room, and nada.  Just before I ran out to buy something for the space, it came to me, I decided to make a collage for the table.  I know, it sounds a little corny, but I am one who is always thinking outside of the box.  Usually when I do, that is when I am the most successful!

Crafting The Collage

First things first, I needed a cork board.  I remembered that I had some cork boards in the  basement that I use to hang the kid’s school projects on!  In a matter of minutes, I had the board stripped clean of all artwork, math tests, spelling tests, etc., and brought it upstairs to get to work.  Grabbed a bunch of fashion, food, and decor magazines, and starting tearing and cutting.  I was looking for cool, red, black, and white images, sexy shoes, fashion, jewelry, candy, and champagne, anything that symbolized love and Valentine’s Day!

Once, all of my images were cut out for the collage, I began to arrange them as on the cork board, using push pins to keep the tear sheets secure.  Super simple, right??

My Love Collage

After seeing my project on the table with all of my other accessories, I was thrilled, it actually turned into a really cool, fashion forward, Valentine’s decoration.  I wanted an artsy, love collage and that is exactly what I got.  This project is so versatile too.  You can pretty much cut out anything that peaks your interest, put it onto a cork board, and you have your very own piece of collage art.  All you need is a cork board, push pins, and a great big stack of magazines.  Keep in mind, I used a cheap cork board from target, but there are some really pretty ones out there, that would make great collage frames!

Get creative, and create your own one of a kind art collage.  Get some cocktails and a group of girls together, come up with a collage theme, and have a blast cutting and pinning.    This would be great for the kids too!  Let them make their own collage board, filled with all of their favorite things!  Using the cork board is ideal, because when your interests change, all you have to do is take down the old and pin-up the new:)

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Happy Friday!!!!!!


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  1. What a cute idea!!! I’m going to do this with my daughter!!! I love it!! 💗💗

  2. Super sweet ❤ looks LOVELY!😍
    Happy Valentines Day 😘

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