My 3 Season Room

My 3 Season Room


Welcome to my escape, otherwise known as my 3 season room!  Although it is not very large, this room has become a favorite spot in my home.  Whether I’m out there in the morning reading my emails and enjoying my cup of espresso, or in the evening having a sip of wine and looking at the stars, this room has become the epitome of relaxation.  There is just something to be said about being able to enjoy the outdoors while still “indoors”, considering I’m not a big fan of bugs, this room is the answer!


While the sofa and loveseat have been in there since we finished building the room, the space needed a little something to make it more of an extension of our home.  The key was to decorate the space, without spending a fortune.  Of course the first place I hit, was my old faithful Target.  It was there were I purchased my indoor/outdoor rug ($59.99), as well as the buddha and string lights (which I got on clearance for $11.99 a strand).  The cool Moroccan style tables are from Hobby Lobby, and of course I used my 40% off coupon, making the total for all three tables under $100.  The light blue, chippy paint pedestal that the buddha sits on is actually a flea market find, that I acquired for $20 and the lamp in the corner was something I already had in the house, but wasn’t being used.  The birch branches, were an impulse buy from a local nursery.  They were somewhat costly at $20 a branch, but I’m obsessed with branches so I bought them and figured I’d find the perfect place for them, and wouldn’t you know it, I did!


I can’t tell you how many wonderful, peaceful nights I’ve had out there.  It has become the perfect place to hang with the kids, hubby and my girls over a glass of wine or two.  My absolute favorite time spent in my special room, are when I’m able to sit out there alone!  What a great place to reflect on the day, listening to the sounds surrounding me!  I’m sharing this post about my 3 season room with you, because it’s almost time to close up shop.  It’s way to cold in Chicago to use this room through the winter, and so I say “see you in the spring my lovely little room!”

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