A Mother’s Day Terrarium

A Mother’s Day Terrarium

Let me start out by saying a very Happy Mother’s Day to all the fabulous mom’s out there, if you’re not a mother, than a very Happy Mother’s Day to the special mom in your life!  Now, let me show you what my special mom, with her green thumb, made me for Mother’s Day!

IMG_8172 2

A Mother’s Day terrarium!  If you look closely, you’ll see a miniature arbor and watering can, and of course the cute little African violet, but what makes it even more special is the stone with the word daughter etched into it.  So pretty!

IMG_8170 2

Isn’t that such a wonderful gift?  I just adore it.  So much that I had to share.  I’m thinking I might have to ask her do a guest post on how to make a terrarium!

Now let’s just hope that my thumb is green enough to keep it alive!  Haha

Have a lovely Sunday!



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