Meet Meraki312 – For The Love of Jewelry

Meet Meraki312 – For The Love of Jewelry

Expressing her passion and zest for life through her line of jewelry. Meraki312 designer, Palmina Trombetta is taking her creative vision to a whole new level, one piece at a time.


I had the opportunity to sit down and speak with this inspirational designer, and her story is just as beautiful as her collections.


Pearls: Where does your passion for jewelry come from?

Meraki312:  As long as I can remember, I loved jewelry.  In Italy, as a child, I was easily distracted by shiny objects.  Not much has changed as an adult.  Anyone who knows me, knows my obsession for jewelry.  My work is an extension of who I am.


Pearls: What motivated you to start Meraki312?

Meraki312:  In 2015, I had a breast cancer reoccurrence.  Unlike my first diagnosis in 2012, where it resulted in a double mastectomy and no treatment, this time I was going through radiation treatment.  A few weeks prior to my treatment, I was laid off from work.  With so much on my mind, I decided to do something to distract me and turned to a jewelry making class.  I loved every minute of it and I was significantly inspired.  From there Meraki312 was born.


Pearls: How would you describe the type of jewelry that you design?

Meraki312: The designs are free-spirited and easy to wear.  Most of the pieces are made from natural materials like, wood, stones, and leather.  I’ll mix gemstones with yarn, or pearls with an unexpected pendant.  I love to mix different materials and create pieces that have a carefree style to them.



Pearls: What is the price point for your lines?

Meraki312:  Price point ranges from $125 to $350 plus.  This year we launched an economical line M312, which still captures Meraki312 creativity, but at an affordable price ranging from $12 to $89 plus.


Pearls:  Where is your jewelry currently sold?

Meraki312:  Our jewelry is currently sold at RedE boutique in Elmhurst, IL.  We are currently working on launching e-commerce and pop-up shops, as well as entering other channels.  Folks can also reach us at


Pearls:  What and/or Who are your inspirations for your jewelry line?

Meraki312:  I’m surrounded by inspiration.  I might walk by a pillow, and the material or pattern may inspire me.  I flip through the pages of Vogue, Harpers Bazaar, Elle, etc. every month.  I love Nicole Richie and Olivia Palermo’s sense of style.  Anna Dello Russo is the poster child for fashion, a pocket on her jacket inspires me.


Pearls:  Who is the “Woman” that your designing for?

Meraki312:  All women.  Every woman has her own unique style, regardless of age.  I believe Meraki312 can have a mass appeal given the unique styles.


Pearls:  What is the ultimate goal for your jewelry line?

Meraki312:  Our goal is to create unique statement pieces that women will love and connect them with our vision.


Pearls:  Who are your favorite designers?

Meraki312:  I love them all!  I see the creativity and love, even in designs that don’t appeal to me, like Moschino.  I used to love founder Franco Moschino and his whimsical clothing, however, current creative director Jeremy Scott is over the top and too theatrical.  I appreciate his talent, but not my cup of tea.  On the other hand, I am obsessed with Dolce & Gabbana and everything they do.  I love how their culture is incorporated in every piece of apparel and jewelry.


Pearls:  What is one of your best and most exciting style investments?

Meraki312:  I have a few: A vintage Chanel necklace, YSL clutch, and an amazing Rohit & Rahul blouse that I purchased at RedE, which I believe will never go out of style.

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Meet designer Palmina Trombetta, she will be selling both jewerly lines at the 4 WOMEN BY WOMEN event on Sunday November 27, at the American Legion in Elmhurst.  For more info on the event click here!  Buy tickets to 4 Women By Women now!

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