Makeup Organizers That Will Beautify Your Bathroom

Makeup Organizers That Will Beautify Your Bathroom

Do you have makeup strewn throughout bags, bathroom drawers and cabinets?  Is it impossible for you to find your favorite lip gloss, because it’s hiding in a sea of cosmetics?  Then you need to check out these fantastic ideas, that will keep your bathroom looking both beautiful and organized.

6 Makeup Organization Hacks You Must See


I love these little glass boxes.  Although they are small, you can keep your “favorite” products on display and place the rest on trays in your drawer.



Gold glass box ($14.99)


Brass style glass boxes set of 2 ($38.24)


If you don’t have a lot of counter space, a cute tray placed in your drawer will help keep things looking neat:)




Set of 3 trays ($48.00)


Vintage print glass tray ($50.14)


Have lots of makeup, this organizer is for you. You DO need counter space, or a nice size bathroom cabinet for this bad boy, but if you want to store your makeup like a Kardashian, you must get one of these!



Acrylic make organizer ($185.00)


Acrylic organizer with stackable drawer ($39.99)


Large acrylic cosmetic storage ($51.99)


Customize your storage with stackable acrylic trays


Build your own acrylic tower, they’re affordable and efficient.  Check out these trays from the container store.

stackingacrylictrayslg14_x stackingacrylictrayslgopen_x

Mix and match from ($6.99-$17.99 each)


Use cool glassware to hold your makeup brushes.  The glasses keep the brushes upright and looking fabulous!


Here’s another great idea for holding your makeup brushes.  If you have any candles lying around in cool containers, once the candle is finished, wash the container out and now you have an awesome brush holder.  Here’s an example of a candle holder that would make the perfect makeup brush holder.


Lastly, find a cool box to store your nail polish, files, etc.  It keeps everything organized, and will make your bathroom cabinet cute and a lot less cluttered.


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  1. Love these ideas! Im in the process of redoing my current makeup station and these are some cool ideas!

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