DIY Mason Jar Candle Holder

DIY Mason Jar Candle Holder

So the other day as I was perusing through Hobby Lobby, I stumbled across some gorgeous ribbons that I just had to have, but wasn’t quite sure exactly how I would use them.  Sometimes I’ll start a project out by finding an item that I really want to work with and develop the idea from there. Once I had these great ribbons, the creative juices started to flow.  I immediately thought of candles and my “old faithful” the mason jar, (which I pretty much use for everything in addition to canning).  So I decided to turn my multipurpose mason jars into elegant candle holders.  It turned out to be the perfect use for these lovely ribbons as well as an inexpensive way to decorate my home.

They are so easy to make and take no time at all!

IMG_2902 #2

Here is how to do it…

This is what you’ll need:

  • A variety of mason jars
  • Any ribbon that strikes your fancy
  • Scissors
  • E6000 adhesive
  • Dinner candles

IMG_2941 #2

First, measure each ribbon around the individual jar, because you’re using different size jars the ribbons will all be cut at different sizes.

IMG_2944 #2

Next, take the adhesives and put it on one end of the ribbon, wrap the ribbon around the jar and attach it to the other end.  Press firmly and hold for a couple of seconds to ensure that the ribbon ends are secure.

IMG_2948 #2

Lastly, put in a dinner candle and your done.

IMG_2949 #2

Repeat steps 1-3 with different ribbons and different jar sizes to create a nice variety.

Use them on your mantel like I have, or as part of a tablescape for a dinner party, how gorgeous is that!  Another great idea would be to line your front walkway or driveway with them if your entertaining!  The possibilities are endless with these beautiful mason jar candle holders.

IMG_2971 #2

Making life pretty


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