Knitted Bags From Greece With Love-V&R

Knitted Bags From Greece With Love-V&R

Since 2010, V&R handbags, has been dominating the European market.  Finally, these stunning bags have made their way to the U.S.  Gorgeous knit bags that are completely handmade from beginning to end, with flawless quality and craftmanship.  The designs are classic, with a flair of texture and color, that truly are unique.  I was lucky enough to have the opportunity to chat with husband and wife owners, Vasilis and Roxani Borsis, to find out more about the designer and the Chic & Unique collection by V&R.

Owners Roxani and Vasilis Borsis- Designer Vasilis Borsis

Meet Chic and Unique by V&R designer Vasilis Borsis

Pearls: What motivated and inspired you to start V&R handbags?

V&R:  Looking around I realized that accessories, especially bags, were so essential for every woman.  Characterizing each one by her choices and style, I wanted to give women a reason for being attractive and stylish, with unique bags.


Pearls: What is the inspiration for the design of your bags?

V&R:  As an external lover of beauty, tradition, sun, sea, and the colors of Greece are my inspiration.


Pearls: When did you first learn how to knit?

V&R: As a little boy my father used to knit in our family business.  I first started knitting myself, in my teenage years, realizing I had a talent for it.

Pearls: What made you decide to turn your beautiful designs into a business?

V&R: My knowledge of yarns, and the feeling of creating fashion by hand, lead me to begin designing these one of a kind bags, and share them with women all over the world.


Pearls: How long does it take to make one bag?

V&R: Each bag is totally handmade, through intense effort, it usually takes two days to complete a bag.


Pearls: What kind of statement do you want your handbags to make?

V&R handbags: The value of a handmade bag is priceless and unique, and so is the woman who carries them.


Pearls: Who is the woman/man who you are designing for?

V&R: I am designing for the woman/man who enjoys every moment in life, and wants to look good doing it.


Pearls: What is the price point of your bags?

V&R: The price point of our handmade bags fall between middle and luxury products.


Pearls: Where are your bags currently available?

V&R: Our made in Greece handmade bags, are available throughout Europe and in NY at Dreams On Air boutique in Soho.


Pearls: What is the long-term goal for V&R?

V&R: Our vision for V&R is, for our bags to be worn and loved by women all around the world.
In addition, we plan on expanding the line as our demand grows and trends change.

Pearls: Who is your favorite designer?  Was he or she an inspiration for your line?

V&R: Coco Chanel is my favorite designer.  I love how she was able to transform women to a classic, yet stylish personality .


Stylish knit bags that can worn dressed up or down!


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