My Inspiration

My Inspiration for this blog begins with my Great Aunt Dora, someone who has always been a fashion icon in my world!  I so admired her sophistication and beauty.  She is actually the reason I chose the name for this blog ‘Pearls To A Picnic’.

Years ago when I was a kid our entire family was going on a picnic.  All of us were dressed in appropriate picnic attire  When my Aunt arrived she on the other hand was not!  She wore black slacks (which is what her and my Grandma called dress pants), a black silk blouse, a black fedora, dress shoes, and her most beautiful set of white pearls.  When we saw her we all had a good laugh and never let her live that down.  She never did change her clothes that day.

That is who she was and I’ve always looked back and respected her for staying true to herself.  A fashionable ensemble to a picnic made her unique.  So when creating this blog the first person that came to my mind was her.  So I dedicate all that I share with you, to her.






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