My Juicy Couture Story

My Juicy Couture Story

It all started in ’97 or ’98 (can’t remember exactly, hehe), I was in Los Angeles shopping, and I came across this store in The Beverly Center, Traffic.  It was there that I stumbled upon what would become my signature look for at least the next 10 years…the Juicy Couture track suit.  Not sure what drew me to them, but the minute I tried one on, I thought the idea was fabulous.  It was basically a sweat suit, but didn’t look like one!  It sure was comfy like one, but it looked “put together” and cute!

The first 2 colors I purchased were black and powdered blue.  These were the originals ladies, no graphics, no rhinestones, no glitter, just plain velour track suits!  When I showed my Cali friend my purchases, she hadn’t even heard of Juicy Couture, so imagine how cool I felt to be bringing these bad boys in Chicago!

My Juicy Collection

Soon after my trip to LA, Juicy tracksuits became a major staple in my wardrobe.  In the early days, when I was always traveling, they became my ‘go to’ airport outfit.  I threw a cute tee underneath, a funky scarf, sneakers, and a hat and I was off.  In my mom years, they became my everything outfit!  Trips to the zoo, grocery store, mall, and the first day of school.  I even wore them with all three pregnancies!  I had them in every color, in both terry and velour.  I collected them over the years, and every time a new color came out, I had to have it.  Come to think of it, I think I had a serious Juicy Couture addiction!  Once my husband found out, they became the gift for all occasions.  We even started giving them to my mother in law and sister-in-law for birthday’s and Christmas!

Aside from loving my Juicy’s, I can’t help but wonder, would there be such a thing as athleisure if it weren’t for Pam Skaist-Levy and Gina Nash-Taylor?  My answer to that would be no!  They changed the fashion rules, and made it acceptable to wear a sweat suit even if you’re not working out.  They made comfort, fashionable!  They made the track suit feminine and sexy!!

Not only did this fashion movement create athleisure, but it made mixing sportswear with dress wear acceptable, as well.  Heels and a blouse with track pants, or a high-end skirt and sneakers, are now considered fashionable looks!  Big name designers have entered the athleisure world, as well, and it’s flying off the shelves.  Gucci has now incorporated a line of track suits, sweats, and tees into their ready to wear.  Vetements has also created some very cool athletic wear through their collaborations with, Juicy, Champion, and Hanes.  Designer Philip Plein has started an entire luxury sportswear line, and we can’t forget Pam & Gela, they’re still designing fabulous pieces!  It’s not just apparel either, designers are charging big $$$ for sneakers now too!

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Fashion and Athleisure Come Together






Philipp Plein


Pam & Gela



Vetements x Champion



Victoria Victoria Beckham



Adidas By Alexander Wang


Sneakers & Skirts



Although the Juicy Couture obsession has faded, Juicy is still making it’s mark on fashion world, and has reappeared featuring a new style of track suits, dresses, jackets, and capes.

Athleisure is here to stay and I’m loving every minute of it!  Don’t get me wrong, I love to dress up, but if I can look stylish in sneakers and a track suit, then I’m sold!  Thank you Pam & Gela for giving me exactly what I want, both comfort and style!  If it wasn’t for you, people would think that track suits are just for the gym!  Boy are they wrong!!

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