Goals And Dreams For 2017

Goals And Dreams For 2017

Happy New Year everyone!  Of course since it is a new year, I must start off my first post of the year talking about goals and dreams for 2017!  I hate to use the word resolution, it just seems too demanding, so I’ve decided to use goals, to take the pressure off a bit.  Before I begin, let me start off by telling you that this post is not so much for the eyes, but more for the mind.  There won’t be a lot of pretty pics, but the information is key in making you healthy (body and mind), organized, and happy for 2017!  If there is a goal that you are interested in for yourself, stay tuned, because each goal will get a post of its own in the weeks to follow.  Some of the goals are obvious ones that we all set January 1st, but some will make you go hmmm:)

Physical Goals

These are the tangible or visible goals that I have set for myself.  Physical goals are usually the most common “resolutions” that people make after the first of the year.

  • Begin a healthy journey.  Start a new workout plan or tweak your old one.  Not only will you look good, but you’ll feel good too.
  • Clean out the fridge and or pantry, both literally and figuratively speaking. (hehe)  Part of the New Year is getting clean and organized, so I mean really clean out the fridge, and at the same time try to stop eating and drinking stuff that does nothing for you, and get yourself on the path to putting healthy things in your body.
  • Clean, organize, and purge those closets.  Out with the old, in with new.
  • Clean out makeup drawers, bathroom cabinets, etc.  Ditch makeup and products that are expired.  Try new colors, new makeup brushes, and new skin care.  It’s a new year after all.
  • Start a home decor project (or finish one, haha).  Makeover a room, paint some walls, reorganize a space, or just move some pieces around.  Freshen up your space for the new year.  I’m telling you, it’s a great feeling.  I have quite a few projects on my list that I’ll be sharing soon.

Goals For Happiness

These are goals that serve both the body and the mind.  Happiness is extremely important, because without it, it’s hard to achieve anything.  During this time of year, we need to remember that self-love and happiness make everything else fall into place!

  • Volunteer at a soup kitchen, pick a charity that you would like to support, or give back if you see someone you would like to help.  If you have a family, bring them along and show them what it means to do for others.  In the state that our world is in, this is something that we all need to put at the top of our list.  Your heart will be full, once you feel the happiness of giving.
  • Take time out for yourself.  Spend some quality time with your bff…YOU!  Whether it be meditation, exercising, getting your hair done, going to the spa, working on your favorite hobby, or doing something you love.  I know it sounds a little selfish, but you are no good for anyone, if you don’t spend time on yourself.  My motto for 2017…Do You:)
  • Let go of anger and allow peace to enter your life.
  • End drama and mend fences.  If the fence cannot be fixed, then quietly move on.
  • Find something to motivate your happiness everyday.
  • Look at the beautiful things that surround you, and use them as inspirations.
  • Constantly set new goals for yourself.
  • Learn something new.  Take a risk.
  • Be true to yourself.

All of these goals, both the physical and happiness, I have actually set for myself.  Truthfully I should have been working on all of these things throughout the year, but sometimes I get caught up in the daily grind and forget.  New Year, new start.  Now that it’s on paper, I can prioritize, set a plan, and hold myself accountable.

Goals On The Horizon

I’m always looking for something new to conquer.  I love feeling productive, and I live for a good challenge.  This is why I have great things on the “horizon”.  Those great things would be my hopes and dreams.  Things that I may not be able to accomplish today, but are definitely a plan for the future.  I have tons of these ideas and I’ve actually started working on some of them this past week.  These type of goals are cool, because it’s exciting and motivating to work toward something new and dreamy.  I really want to encourage everyone to think of what great things you would like to have on your horizon.  It really can be anything, so stop thinking and start dreaming.  I promise, as soon as my goals come to fruition, all of you will be the first to know!

I hope you enjoyed this post.  Don’t forget to subscribe, follow on Facebook or check back soon, because I have lots of ways to help you follow through with each and every one of these goals:)

Cheers to Friday!


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