Voluminous Eyebrows

Voluminous Eyebrows

If you haven’t noticed, thick full eyebrows are very chic right now. Yes you heard me correctly, thick full brows.  I’m not talking about a uni brow, a space should still remain between the two, but no more paper-thin lines above the eyes.

Fashion icon Audrey Hepburn was known for her lavish brows, so obviously this isn’t a new look, but is currently the trend.

The problem is not everyone has naturally thick luscious eyebrows, or some of us use to have luscious eyebrows until we neared 40 and everything went downhill!  I however, have been able to bring my eyebrows back to life with a few beauty and health tricks!

First things first, when I started noticing that my eyebrows weren’t growing the way they used to I took action!  I immediately started taking Biotin, Vitamin C, and Vitamin E.  Someone told me to put coconut oil on my brows, as it is supposed to stimulate hair growth, so I did that as well.  At this point in my life I’m willing to try anything.


Slowly but surely my brows came back hair by hair. They looked pretty good, but they still needed a little assistance which is were my Anastasia Beverly Hills products along with my NARS eyebrow gel came in handy.  So here’s how you can use the magic of makeup to make your brows look fuller and gorgeous.


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These products are extremely simple to use and you won’t believe the transformation when your done.

First, I use the Anastasia eyebrow pencil to fill in any bare spots in the brow and to give it a nice shape.  I love this pencil because it’s not too light and not too dark.  It gives the brow a very natural look.


Next, I use the eyebrow brush, which is on the other end of the pencil, to blend the color and give the eyebrow a nice shape.


After that, I apply the eyebrow powder using a slanted brush moving upward and to the side in the directions of the brow hair.  The trick is to use a little powder and then use the brush to blend it.  If it looks like you need more, than brush some more on.  You want to make sure you end up with a natural look.


Once you’ve blended the powder, take the eyebrow brush and brush upward and to the side.  Your brows make look a little messy but that’s the idea you don’t want every hair in place.  Lastly, brush on the Nars eyebrow gel and Voila!


Now you have thick, dark, beautiful eyebrows 🙂

So put down those tweezers and let those eyebrow hairs grow!






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