The Making Of A Gallery Wall

The Making Of A Gallery Wall

So here it is, the latest project, my gallery wall!  The wall in my living room has been bare since we built our home, and I’ve been wracking my brain trying to figure out what to do there.  My ideas have gone from built-in shelving, which is too permanent and would take up space, to a french armoire, that would leave two huge empty spaces on either side.  For the longest time, I had an antique wood buffet there with some books and tchotchkes on it, but it just wasn’t working for me.

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I have been collecting vintage, antique, and new mirrors for over a year now, I knew I wanted to use them in a wall collage, but I wasn’t sure where and with what other art.  So after I purchased this cute little oregano console table, I decided that the gallery wall would be perfect above the new table in my living room.  Together, my mirrors, mixed in with prints of my own photography, as well as a couple of prints that I purchased, were the perfect solution for my barren for my wall.

The making of  a gallery wall

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I started out by sorting through all of my photo files to figure out what prints I wanted to use, and what sizes.  I actually ended up printing multiple photos, in multiple sizes and filters.  From there, I went out and bought tons of frames in gold, white, and black in all different sizes.  I laid everything out on the floor and tweaked everything, at least 20 times!  I even went back, and printed more photos, once I saw what I needed.  I took photos with my phone, so that I could see the layout from a different prospective and also send it to my project assistant, otherwise known as Mom!  Once I had it exactly how I wanted it, the hanging begun.

When your hanging a gallery wall, especially over a table, sofa, etc.  Measuring is key!  We needed to make sure the gallery was completely centered over the console table and the art that hung off to the sides needed to be balanced on either side.  We found, the best way to do this is to  start with one piece in the middle and work out from side to side, alternating as you move along.  Even after we had everything planned out, we still made some minor changes along the way.

That’s my mom in the photo, she should be a professional hanger (haha), she’s that good!!

IMG_1971 1

The finished product

It was a lot of work, but I will say that I am absolutely thrilled with the outcome.  My gallery wall gave me the chance to showcase my mirror collection, my photography, and some of my favorite prints.

IMG_2084 1

Notice how all the art and mirrors in the gallery are different sizes, but are balanced.  That’s exactly what you want.  Everything in different sizes and shapes, put together to make it look like you hung things randomly.

IMG_2006 1

Types of Gallery Walls

When people think of galley walls, they immediately think of art, but a gallery wall can be other collections as well.  Check out some other options for a gallery wall!




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Happy Friday!



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  1. another winner Jess, I love your collection of mirrors, such a nice blend with the photos you decided on. Thank you for sharing your lovely room.

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