3 Uses for a Flea Market Find

3 Uses for a Flea Market Find

If any of you have read my ‘About’ page, you know that I love flea markets, so I wanted to start sharing some of the pieces that I have picked up from various flea markets and auction houses.

When I walked in the door with this architectural element, I had mixed reviews from my critics.  First, my three-year old son asked me, “we climb on it Mommy?”  Then my husband asked me if I ripped it off of a building that was being condemned, and the other two boys asked “whats that?”

I told them all that this was just another one of my treasures that would serve a useful purpose, once I figured out what exactly that purpose was (hehehe).  It’s actually a really cool old railing, probably from a juliet balcony.  The man who sold it to me had a bunch of them that were taken off of a building before it was demoed (so actually my husband was kind of right…did I just say that?).  By the time I got to his booth at the flea market he only had two left and I had to have one of them.  I just loved the white chippy paint, the details of the balustrades and the fact that it was salvaged from an old building!


Now what to do with my find.  I know it would look great as an object d’ art.  Either hung on the wall somewhere or sitting on top of my mantel, but I needed to find some functional uses for it as well.

So the first idea I came up with was a scarf holder!

IMG_2131 ##

While I had it in my closet, I thought, what about jewelry??  Aha, necklaces! Perfect!

IMG_2147 #4

Once I was finished in the closet, I needed to find one more practical use for my flea market railing.  This time I wanted it to be used as home decor.  So I went into my living room and looked around.  In the corner I saw two throw blankets, both just sitting there folded up and hidden in my favorite vintage french market basket (another treasure that I’ll show you later).  Then it came to me, this railing would be perfect as a throw blanket rack!  I think this might be my favorite!

IMG_2095 #2

So the moral to this blog post and any other post I write about repurposing old things is that if you find something that catches your eye at the flea market, buy it, you will find a use for it.  The history and uniqueness of these treasures will give your home character and  I guarantee the next time someone comes over they’ll ask you “where did you get that”?


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