Dia De Los Muertos Tablescape

Dia De Los Muertos Tablescape

Every year, I try to come up with a festive tablescape to celebrate Halloween.  I’ve used pumpkins, gourds, spooky trees, candelabra’s and spider webs.  You name it, I’ve done it.  This year I decided to broaden my horizons a bit, and try something different.


It all started with Targét, of course!  I love walking through the seasonal sections every time I go, and I usually end up with things that I absolutely do not need! On this particular day, I had no plans of buying anything, until I saw the Dia De Los Muertos decor.  It’s funny, because I was in Homegoods (another fav) the day before, and notice a ton of really cool Day Of The Dead decorations there, but didn’t end up buying them.  So once I saw the cute pieces in Target, I knew that this year’s tablescape theme had to be Dia De Los Muertos.

Designing My Tablescape

When designing anything, I usually purchase some things new, and the rest are items that I already have at home.  The new pieces for this project were, the skull candle holders, the adorable little felt birds, and the colorful glitter pumpkins, from Target.  I didn’t want to get crazy, it’s amazing how fast it all adds up by the time you get to the checkout lane.  After I left the seasonal section, I headed for the fresh flowers, yes my Target has fresh flowers!  I wanted bright red roses and there they were, 1 bunch left in the exact color that I needed!  So I took everything home and got to work.


Start With A Foundation

Anytime that I am decorating or designing a table top, I always start with a foundation, I’m sure you’ve heard me say this before.  In this particular design I decided to start with a sheer turquoise blue runner that I’ve had for years, I knew it would go perfectly with all of the colorful decor.  Sometimes I use a table linens, but in this case, I really wanted the contrast of the wood with the decor.

Next, I pulled out my plain white dishes.  If you don’t have a set of blank white dishes, you must invest in them.  I love China, and I love dishes with pattern and texture, but I seriously use my plain white dishes more than any others.  I bought mine from Williams Sonoma, but you can get plain white dishes anywhere!  The beauty of the plain dish, is that they go with any linen, any decor, and all plate chargers.

Creating The Design

After I put down the runner, chargers, plates, glasses and silverware,  I started to arrange the candle holders, pumpkins and little felt birds.  I added dinner candles, another item that I believe should be a tablescape staple.  In my little world of entertaining, dinner candles are a must!  They fill in the “blanks” on a table and help add to the ambience.

After getting all of these pieces situated, my table needed more.  Nothing that a trip to the prop room couldn’t fix.  Went down and grabbed 2 short round vases for my rose cluster bouquets, and then made a stop in the storage room were all of my holiday stuff was.  I knew I had some Day Of The Dead skull ornaments and some Mexican ornaments, that I use when I put up my Dia De Los Muertos Xmas tree.  I decided to use the skull ornaments as napkin rings, and placed the colorful metal ornaments randomly on the table runner to complete the design.


I’m just thrilled with the way that it turned out.  I love the festive colors, the cool skull candelabra’s, the glitter pumpkins, and I think my favorites are the little felt birds that added the perfect amount of whimsy.

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  1. I soooo love this look!!! It looks amazing!

  2. So cool! Love all the colors. Love how you put it all together.

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