Desktop and Shelves: My Office Project

Desktop and Shelves: My Office Project

Tackling each project, one room at a time!

I’m trying to clean out all of the rooms in my house, and make them organized, functional, and pretty, all at the same time.  Believe me when I tell you, it can be done.  It takes a little time and a minimal amount of money, but it is worth it in the end.  It’s amazing how freshening up and organizing a space, can make your room feel like it has had a major makeover.

Started off with my desk.  I needed a solution for piles of magazines, tear sheets, pens, markers, etc.  Can’t work in a cluttered space, so I hit Target knowing that I would find stuff both cute and affordable.  Picked up a couple of containers, a pencil cup, and a couple of expansion folders to help me get organized.  Then I grabbed a sweet little globe, a fastener set in corked jars, and a cute stapler and tape holder.

Accessorize everything, even your desk.

Pencil cup and acrylic magazine holder by Threshold for Target.

Love the office accessory line Sugar Paper, available at Target

Meet my solution for magazine tear sheets.

There are so many compartments, that it’s hard not to stay organized.  I love these expansion file folders, I can keep my ideas organized, and it’s so easy to find exactly what I’m looking for.  Not everyone pulls tear sheets, but these folders are great for organizing bills, medical records, kids “papers”, manuals, receipts etc.  It doesn’t hurt that they are super cute too.

Styling Shelves

Now for the 2nd part of my project today, styling my built-in shelves!  Basically I have this huge unit with 8 shelves.  They started out organized, and turned into a catch-all for every paper, book, memory stick, crayon, and photo that I had in the office.  Time to clean it, organize it, and make it eye-catching.

To start, I took everything off of the shelves, I cleaned them all, and then began styling shelf by shelf.  There were certain things that I wanted to keep in the office, so all of those items I kept in one area.  I decided to pull some of the framed photos out completely, the bookshelf just seemed overwhelmed with pictures.  It needed more shapes, textures, and dimension.

I started with books and magazines, because they make great styling foundations.  So many options; stack them, stand them up right, tilt them sideways, and that’s exactly what I did.  For my shelves I used coffee table books, fashion and home magazines, some random books that were already on the shelf, and some vintage books that I purchased at a flea market.  I was chuckling when I was working on the shelf in the pic below.  I never really noticed this particular stack of books before, thought it was quite a funny combination, and yes, that is a dictionary!  Hehe

Once I had all of the books and magazines in, then I went through each shelf and added some photos back in.


Lastly, I added the decor objects.  Eclectic is the look I’m always going for, mixing and matching is sort of my thing.  Feel free to style your shelves with things that you love, especially in a space that you spend a lot of time in.


I was given this little Chicago snow globe as a going away present when I moved from the Chi to LA.  I love items that have a story or reason behind them, it is the perfect example of what I want on my shelves, memories, things I treasure, and items that represent me.


Once you get a space organized, I promise your room will feel lighter, both physically and mentally.  If you don’t have an office to organize, how about a playroom, laundry room or storage room.  There are so many cool ways to organize a space.

Stay tuned, I have more projects on the horizon friends, some are about organization, others are about design, some include both, but my “makeover” mission is nowhere near over:)

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  1. Great minds think alike;) I started cleaning out the office last week. Today I got rid of half my books that I have already read (will be donating to the library). Now I just need to figure out what to do with my old computer that doesn’t work anymore…

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