A Little Bit About ‘Pearls To A Picnic’

A Little Bit About ‘Pearls To A Picnic’

Pearls To A Picnic is important to me because it is the means by which I can express myself.  These are my creative visions and I hope they make a lovely contribution to your life.

As a former stylist, I can honestly say that being fashionable is easy as long as you find what works for you.  It doesn’t have to cost a ton of money and you don’t have to be on point with all of the trends to feel beautiful.  I will give you the tools to authenticate your own style!

I will be sharing with you amazing recipes and tons of entertaining ideas.  It’s always hard to throw a party without a caterer or a party planner, but I’m here to show you just how easy it can be!  Not only does it cost less, but it always feel good when you do it yourself.  There is something rewarding about making a plain party something extraordinary!!

It often amazes me that for having such a love of interior design I never went to school for it.  I will be showcasing room transformations as well as minor tweaks in my home.  I will also be featuring pieces that I collect from flea markets, auctions, and the garbage! Lol! I have so many ideas to help you make your home fabulous!

I’m also an advocate of health, fitness, and beauty.  I try everything new that comes out whether its makeup, skincare, hair care, a new workout, or a healthy recipe.  So I’ll let you know what I think really works!

Being a mom and living with a house full of boys can be extremely chaotic. It is the little things like making the house pretty or planning the perfect outfit for a night out that keep my inner peace.  I hope sharing my thoughts and ideas inspire you and maybe even make you giggle from time to time!





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