Urban Tee Party – Have You Seen These Tee’s?

Urban Tee Party – Have You Seen These Tee’s?

Hi everyone, I haven’t meant to neglect you, I’ve just been extremely busy working on my new t-shirt line, Urban Tee Party.  This project basically started with my obsession for graphic tees.  If you read my armoire blog post awhile back, you would have seen only a fraction of my tee collection.  There are so many t-shirt lines that I adore, but I loved the idea of making my own statement shirts.

I started working on my brand Urban Tee Party, a year ago this month.  Before I even had a name for my company, my goal was to find the perfect t-shirt.  I needed to find a tee that was fashionable, soft, flattering, didn’t shrink, didn’t fade, etc.  I wanted high quality, and it literally took me 6 months and tons of samples to find it!  After finally coming up with the name Urban Tee Party, I found my screen printers in the city of Chicago.  Talented guys, with fresh ideas, who turn out a great product.  Fast forward 6 months, and the first line of Urban Tee Party, which includes 7 tees, is finally out.  A couple of weeks ago, I launched my e-commerce site urbanteeparty.com, and I am currently working on quite a few new items for the store, that will be available before the holiday season.

My Tees

Now when I say these are THE BEST TEES EVER, I am not biased or lying, they truly are.  They are ultra soft and so comfortable to wear, no shrinkage and no fading.  The shape is amazing and is extremely flattering on all body types!  This particular style t-shirt is a little longer so they make the perfect tee to pair with leggings, but you can also tuck them in or tie them at your natural waist for a more fitted look.  Each tee also comes with a handmade pearl pin (wonder why pearls hehe), as a token of peace, friendship and appreciation to all of my customers who share the Tee Love!

If you’re a graphic tee girl like me, then you need Urban Tee Party in your wardrobe!

Now, Are You Ready For A Sale???

If the answer is yes, make sure to shop the Labor Day sale.  Save 15% on your entire purchase.  Use discount code LABORDAY at checkout!  Click Here To Shop Now

Make sure to check out my site urbanteeparty.com and sign up for the newsletter.  Every time there is a sale or new stuff comes in, you’ll get an email.  Also, make sure to subscribe to the blog, because I will be posting all kinds of info for Urban Tee Party!  Including, new products, events that I will be attending, fun ways to style the tee’s, etc.

Make sure to stay tuned for my next post!  I picked up something really cool at a vintage/antique market in Chicago recently, and I think you’re gonna Love It!!!

Hope everyone has a fun and safe Labor Day weekend!

Time to PARTEE (:



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