Happy St. Patty’s Day Everyone!  Today is a quick little post, featuring my recipe for a Shamrock Shake.  It’s a win win because, it tastes great, without all of the junk!  Try it out, I promise you won’t be disappointed:)   Shamrock Shake Recipe Here is what you’ll need: 4 cups of vanilla ice cream 2 1/2 cups of milk 1 drop of Doterra peppermint oil or 1/2 teaspoon mint extract 10 drops of greenRead More →

There is something festive about the puffed dome of Panettone bread.  And what’s better on a Holiday morning, than a delicious bread pudding made of Panettone?  Now, I’ve made them in the past and even posted one before, but this one is different because I used a Chocottone!  I came across Chocottone in an Italian grocery store, which is basically a Panettone made with milk chocolate instead of raisins and fruit.  I immediately knew thatRead More →

Have you ever gone to a restaurant and eaten something sooo delicious, that you just had to make it at home?  Well that is exactly what happened when I ate at RPM Steak, here in Chicago.  My friend Diane raved about this kale salad and insisted that we order it when we were having dinner there recently.  Well she was right, it was such a simple salad, but incredibly tasty.  When I got home, IRead More →

Today, I’m sharing with you, a secret family recipe (hehe)…brandied peaches.  Last Christmas, I received the best present ever, a copy of a family cookbook.  Put together by my mom, her sister and their cousin, this book is a collection of recipes that go all the way back to my great grandparents! Absolutely everything in this book is just divine, but today’s recipe really takes me down memory lane.  My grandpa used to make thisRead More →

In case you didn’t hear, this week is Negroni week!  Don’t feel bad, I didn’t know either until I received an email telling me so, haha!  For those who aren’t familiar with this cocktail, I am here to tell you about it and give you the recipe so that you can celebrate Negroni week too! The Negroni is a sophisticated cocktail with a traceable history that goes back all the way to the early 20thRead More →

Are you searching for a fab signature holiday cocktail?  Well, I have just what you’ve been looking for!  How does a spiced pear martini sound?  I’m thinking it perfect…right?  It’s tasty, pretty, and the combination of pear, vodka, and cinnamon scream Christmas!  Props to the pomegranate martini, but that cocktail has been done many times before.  It’s time to try something new! Here is what you’ll need: Vodka Spiced pear juice (got mine from wholeRead More →

If you’re looking for a sweet project this Halloween eve, how about making your own gourmet taffy apples!  They are super easy and taste so much better when you make them yourself!  Now mind you, I’ve never actually made taffy apples before, so basically I just winged it, and the results were so scrumptious! What you’ll need to get started… Apples of course Caramel bits or squares Nutella (optional) Toppings (anything that will taste goodRead More →

A Cali Vibe In Chicago! For those of you who don’t know, California is like my home away from home.  So when my girls took me to Summer House Santa Monica for my birthday brunch, it was love at first sight and taste!I  Created by Lettuce Entertain You, Summer House Santa Monica is a restaurant with a California concept right here in Chicago!  With it’s laid back atmosphere and beach house decor, it really hasRead More →

Ok guys, it finally feels like summer here in Chi-town!  So now it’s time to enjoy some homemade ice cream!  Believe it or not, I have never actually made homemade ice cream before.  I’ve had an ice cream maker, for years and just never got around to it!  So I decided to give it a go!   I chose this recipe from one of my cookbooks, and I loved that it required no cooking andRead More →

Looking for the perfect hostess gift for the Fourth of July this year?  How about a cute and sassy bucket, filled with all the party essentials!  I don’t know about you, but I just can’t attend a party without bringing a hostess gift and contributing to the party in some way.  This neat little bucket takes care of both!  All you have to do is find a fun and roomy bucket (mine is from Target,Read More →