It seems that in the past couple of years wallpaper has been making a comeback.  I really love the look of wallpaper, it definitely brings character and uniqueness to a room.  If you are little hesitant about taking the wallpaper plunge, the best way to experiment would be in your powder room!  It’s perfect because it’s closed off to the rest of your home so you can really get creative and make a statement! IfRead More →

A couple of weeks ago, I showed you some gorgeous rooms with white walls. While researching for that post, I came across some rooms featuring stunning black walls, so I decided to share them with you as well.  And no I have not decided to paint my walls black, I’m still doing the white makeover, but it would be kind of cool to have a room with a black wall?!?  Maybe someday, when I haveRead More →

So the other day as I was perusing through Hobby Lobby, I stumbled across some gorgeous ribbons that I just had to have, but wasn’t quite sure exactly how I would use them.  Sometimes I’ll start a project out by finding an item that I really want to work with and develop the idea from there. Once I had these great ribbons, the creative juices started to flow.  I immediately thought of candles and myRead More →

Image from Veranda After discovering all of these lovely images of white spaces, my newest design endeavor is to start bringing more white into my home.  While I loved the pale yellow that covers my walls when I chose it, it’s just not working for me now!  So my first step in this project, is going to be painting my foyer and family room walls a soft white, this is a huge undertaking considering IRead More →

This week, I’ve decided to feature the home of Adam Levine from Maroon 5.  It has a very cool mid-century vibe and I love how all of the dark walls and furniture give it a sophisticated masculine feel. Designer: Mark Haddaway      Photos by: Roger Davies Pics from Architectural Digest   Have a lovely Sunday!    Read More →