This crazy project came to me on a whim, when I was trying to make my foyer, “love” filled for Valentine’s Day.  It all started when I needed a decor piece for my entry table.  For those who follow the blog and my Instagram regularly, you know that I’m always changing my foyer table.  It’s the first space you see when you walk into my house, so it needs to make a statement.  So backRead More →

If you’re looking for a fun way to present a gift card, have I got an idea for you!  I’m came up with the Ice Cream Sundae gift card holder idea while perusing the party aisle of Hobby Lobby a couple of days ago.  I was doing things last-minute, as usual, and was just trying to find little gift card holders for teachers gifts, when I came across these adorable plastic waffle cone cups!  ThenRead More →