Bohemian Luxe Interiors

Bohemian Luxe Interiors

My newest design inspiration, as it turns out, is actually my old design inspiration, is boho luxe.  While surfing the net, I stumbled across some pretty awesome interiors.  I loved them because the were eclectic, chic, and glamorous, yet at the same time had traditional, antique and rustic elements.  Filled with pops of color, fabrics and texture, that’s when I realized just how much this particular design style has been an inspiration for my own home.  I guess you could say, it is an “anything goes” style of decor, because the theory behind boho luxe is actually all about mixing and matching, and that is exactly how I love to design!


Creating a Boho Luxe interior:

  •  Antique pieces are a must in any boho luxe room.  I love mixing old flea market pieces with brand new items straight from the store.
  • Mixing old with new, shiny with rustic.  It’s a common misconception that your home needs to be one design style, either contemporary, traditional, country, modern, etc., but that is simply not true.  You would be surprised how easily you can mix styles and have a stunning outcome.
  • Pops of color.  The main pieces in your home, as well as your walls can be neutral, if you want to save the pops of color for accents, art, and tabletop decor.  If you absolutely love color, than go crazy with it.
  • Textures and fabrics are a must to make a room feel bohemian, I love mixing prints and textures, it definitely makes for a more interesting room.
  • Animal print.  This is a great way to add a little fun to your home.  Even one piece of animal print will do.
  • An element of fur.  Try a fur throw blanket, a flokati rug, or even a fur pouf.
  • Collections of items.  I love little collections of things especially when they are all set up together.  It could be small items on a table, a collection of art on a gallery wall, tons of pillows, or stacks of magazines and books.

Check out these gorgeous inspirations!



download (1)

















Images can be very inspirational!  No one should expect their home to look exactly like a picture in a magazine, but I often find images very helpful for getting me on the right track.  I like to use them as guidelines, and then create my own unique style from there.  I hope these images and tips are helpful in creating your own design style as well:)

If you have any questions or comments, please feel free to leave a comment on the blog or facebook!  I’d love to hear from you!

Happy Friday


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  1. I love all the pictures. I would be happy to live in anyone of them. In my home I buy things I like and I find a space for them .. #NothingOffLimits

    1. Author

      I do the exact same thing Robin!

  2. Love this…… Still glam and comfy!

  3. I absolutely love the vintage feel…mixing old with new!! I’m totally inspired!! :)))))

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