How I Organized and Beautified My Armoire

How I Organized and Beautified My Armoire

Those of you who read my posts regularly, are aware, that in January of this year I started project organization.  The goal was to organize ALL of the unorganized areas of my home.  So over the past 5 months, I have been cleaning out bathrooms, closets, offices, cabinets, etc.  We are now rolling into the summer and I’m still going.

My newest project was to declutter my armoire, and make it look pretty enough to leave the doors open, hehe!  This is a project that I have been trying to avoid, literally for years.  It didn’t start out so bad, but it ended as a catch-all for everything, from clothing, lamp shades, selfie sticks, old frames and even sea shells (yes shells, who knows how or why???)!  It was a mess, which is why there are no before pics.  I couldn’t bare to post a photo of the chaos.  Now the after, that’s photoworthy!!

Armoire Goals

My goal with this project, was to have my armoire both organized and pleasing to the eye.  The first step was to clean everything out.  That was quite the job, literally, things were packed in there.  I donated a ton, and put the items away, that had no business taking up space in my armoire to begin with.  The clothes that I decided to keep in the armoire needed to go into cute bins.  So I hit Target, and found adorable white baskets, along with the white shoe rack that now holds some of my sneakers!  This project helped my closet organization too.  I was able to take some shoes out, as well as, all of those t-shirts that used to hang in my closet.  I decided to add the wall prints for decor, and I found the perfect spots for a cute ring dish and my little glass treasure box.


Functional, Organized, and Pretty


Made some room in the closet by moving these bad boys to the armoire:)


My magic unicorn ring dish.

Not everyone needs to “style” an armoire, like my crazy self, but the moral of this post, brings us back to the concept of purging and organizing.  In order to get the finished product, I had to go through EVERYTHING piece by piece, some I kept, some I donated, but the point is I went through it all.

Making your spaces look like a department store display (haha), well that’s just me, but it really shows you what a couple of organizational bins, racks, and some folding can do!

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Quote of the day:

“Make it simple, but significant.” — Don Draper

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