An Old Table, With A New Look

An Old Table, With A New Look

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So most of you that know me, know that I love to incorporate vintage items in my home.  I’ve been a flea marketer for years and finding that special and unique piece is part of the thrill of going to these markets.  Well now, I have found a new way to acquire these special pieces, the garbage! Haha!  The story behind this table goes like this…I’m driving my kids to school one very wet and snowy day.  About a half block away from the school, out of the corner of my eye, I see this cute little retro table sitting there buried in the snow.  I beg my kids to let me pull over and throw that adorable little piece into my car, their response, a flat-out “no way, that’s embarrassing mom”.  True that would have been extremely embarrassing for them, had one of their friends seen their mom pulling furniture out of someone’s garbage!  So I dropped them off at school, praying that my special find would still be there.  Lucky for me, it was still there, (you never know, my sister-in-law garbage picks too and our kids go to the same school! Hehehe).  So I pulled over, and put the snowy, wet, icy table into the back of my suv!  It needed a lot of work, but I knew I could make it as beautiful and functional, as it once was.


Here is the table before I painted it.

IMG_7488 2

The Annie Sloan color I chose for this piece is called Graphite, I wanted a dark yet neutral color, for this cool retro table.  I purchased the paint from DiLucca Designs, which is where I always get my Annie Sloan chalk paint.



1st coat

IMG_7500 2

I let each coat dry overnight before applying the next coat.

2nd coat



Now it’s time for the dark wax, I chose to use dark wax instead of the clear because I wanted the piece to have a darker sheen to it.


I applied the wax, using the Annie Sloan waxing brush.  I use very little and then brush it on the piece, following my paint strokes, I immediately take a clean painters cloth and buff it out.  You need to make sure not to use too much wax, otherwise your piece will be tacky. I used the dark wax directly on the paint without using the clear wax, because I wanted the table to come out really dark.  Under normal “painting” circumstances, when using dark wax make sure to apply clear wax first, otherwise if your using a light color it might stain the paint.



So after being rescued from the garbage, 2 coats of Annie Sloan chalk paint, 1 coat of dark wax and a buff with steel wool, here is my fabulous “new” piece!! Not quite sure where it will go yet, I’m thinking I might use it as a night stand in my youngest son’s room (his room makeover coming soon).  In the meantime can you believe the “after”?  Pretty cool huh!

IMG_7530 2


IMG_7529 2

Once again Annie Sloan Chalk Paint has helped me turn someone’s throwaway, into a gem.


Happy Friday




  1. Thanks for making me laugh this morning with your story about this table.
    Fabulous table!
    What a great find & piece!
    You made it look so easy too.
    It looks great against your hardwood flooring.
    Glad the table found a home

  2. This piece looks amazing! You have such an eye for style!

  3. Jess – the piece looks beautiful – what a great idea. Reminds me I need to get back to painting furniture. I have picked up a number of things off the street also that are in my home. XXOO

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