Before we start talking about cleanses, diets, workouts, and protein shakes on January 1, let’s have on last hurrah, and enjoy a rich, decadent, oh so bad for you, chocolatey shake. Today’s recipe is inspired by a chocolate cake that I make every year for Christmas Eve.  My family and I absolutely love this cake, but after a few days it starts to get dried out, and it just doesn’t taste the same.  So asRead More →

So sorry that it has been so long my friends.  This whole girl boss thing is keeping me crazy busy!  The tee business is great, however, I needed to get back to the blog where it all began, my first love, Pearls To A Picnic.  So here I am with a Thanksgiving tablescape inspiration for you. Got it published just in the nick of time.   This tablescape started out with 2 black metal candelabra’sRead More →

Ready, set, fall is here, and so is the new line of Urban Tee Party!  First new item to hit the website, is this super cute, grey oversized hoodie.  Printed FASHIONABLY UNDERDRESSED on the front, this tunic/dress is definitely not lying. It’s so soft and comfy, and you can literally throw it on with just about anything.  It’s the perfect hoodie!  With a high/low hem line, this cool piece has a 3/4 length sleeves, pockets,Read More →

Every year, I try to come up with a festive tablescape to celebrate Halloween.  I’ve used pumpkins, gourds, spooky trees, candelabra’s and spider webs.  You name it, I’ve done it.  This year I decided to broaden my horizons a bit, and try something different.   It all started with Targét, of course!  I love walking through the seasonal sections every time I go, and I usually end up with things that I absolutely do notRead More →

Can we create a new term for a REALLY late blog post?  Reason being, I am writing about my market find from June!  Better late than never though, and when you see it you will agree that it was well worth the wait:) So once again, I attended my favorite market, the Randolph Street Market in Chicago.  As usual, there were booths filled with great things, but one piece  in particular caught my eye…a vintageRead More →

Hi everyone, I haven’t meant to neglect you, I’ve just been extremely busy working on my new t-shirt line, Urban Tee Party.  This project basically started with my obsession for graphic tees.  If you read my armoire blog post awhile back, you would have seen only a fraction of my tee collection.  There are so many t-shirt lines that I adore, but I loved the idea of making my own statement shirts. I started workingRead More →

Although we all think we know party etiquette, in today’s modern world of Evites, Facebook events, text and email invitations, both throwing and attending a party has gotten a little tricky.  Technology has thrown some people through a loop, the idea of the host gift has grown and changed, and for some reason people still don’t understand the importance of r.s.v.p.!  So here goes 8 tips for both the host and guest of the modern-dayRead More →

It all started in ’97 or ’98 (can’t remember exactly, hehe), I was in Los Angeles shopping, and I came across this store in The Beverly Center, Traffic.  It was there that I stumbled upon what would become my signature look for at least the next 10 years…the Juicy Couture track suit.  Not sure what drew me to them, but the minute I tried one on, I thought the idea was fabulous.  It was basicallyRead More →

How I styled my outdoor mantel 5 ways, with 2 artificial grass plants, from Target! Let me start out by saying, I normally do not use artificial plants in my decor.  However, when I saw these plants, I knew I needed them.  They were simple, but came in nice ceramic pots that are neutral, so they work with everything.  I picked them up from Target on a whim, knowing I would find use for themRead More →

Hi Everyone!  So sorry that I haven’t posted in a while, I’ve been super busy working on a very exciting project, as well as, refereeing my three boys, now that it’s summer vacation, hehe.  No excuses though, I’m here to tell you that there are blog posts waiting in the wings, along with some big news!!! So stay tuned and keep following!  Cool things are coming, and I can’t wait to share them with allRead More →